Don’t repeat this mobile mistake. What traders want.

stocktwits iphone appDo you want financial information on your phone? While in line at Starbuck’s?  On the train? While waiting for a meeting to start?  In a meeting, waiting for it to get relevant to you?  Is price, portfolio and news enough if you do?

Over a year ago Yahoo! Finance released their first iPhone application.  It was YAHOO! FINANCE on an iPhone (yes the entire battleship). Before you go firing shots across the bow, it was at the early stage of the mobile wave. We were running as fast as we could with a scrapy team of developers (shout out to Carl Teeple and Melissa Kritikos).  Bloomberg had their application (why so much black I will never understand), and there were a few others at the time.

Apple was a nimble ship way out in front of all your favorite finance destinations.  They charted the path for all sites…build your mobile application for a specific use case that is dominant for you, our users.  Cut out everything else.  Keep it simple.  Make it fast.  Do not re-purpose our websites for your phone.  In the case of finance, you’ve told me your primary use for finance on a phone is for checking prices, and getting updates on the news related to your favorite stocks.

This being said, some of you came to me at speaking events & conferences over the past year, with another request.  What did you ask for the most?  Social based applications related to finance. How convenient, now that I have joined you with the team at StockTwits.

Above is an image of the present home screen for the StockTwits iPhone application.  We don’t yet have an Android or iPad application today.  (Should we?)  How can we make it easier for you to contribute trade ideas to your community, and our growing network of financial partners such as Bing, Investopedia, CNNMoney, Yahoo! Finance, and others? Leave a comment, send me a note directly at david <at> stocktwits <dot> com, or message me directly on StockTwits at david_putnam.  How about we agree to atleast 140 characters?


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