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Attended an online informational today given by the Cambridge Investment Research team, and a partner.  Good overview of social media and impact on Financial Professionals.  What are the benefits?  How do you use it? Etc.


Here are my notes:

  • Social media reach: 140M Tweets Daily, 500M active Facebook members, over 100M users on LinkedIn (bummer, didn’t mention StockTwits at 60M potential reach in financial vertical alone).
  • Social Media Important to Financial Advisors – primary communication tool, connects you to your current and prospective clients. You may have website, blog, etc.. Social Media is yet another marketing tool.
  • Social media creates awareness, can help drive your book, helps you to recruit, and enhance relationships with your exiting client.
  • RIA’s who use Social media had higher growth rates in Q4 2009 survey.
  • 86% of advisers surveyed by American Century Investments are using a social networks in 2011. Facebook and Linkedin mentioned.
  • Greater % of advisers are starting to use social media for business. LinkedIn highest percentage, followed by Facebook. Activity taking place.
  • Trying to help reps with how much time they need to spend to achieve relevant results.  25% using on a daily basis. 55% use several times per week.
  • Top current business usages of social media:  Monitoring News, researching clients, reading expert commentary/insights, sharing information to clients, brand building.   Didn’t say if it was financial.
  • First steps to building a presence online if a financial Pro.  Do a search for you.  Manage your reputation.  Clean up your LinkedIn profile – use it to listen, learn and connect.  Create a Facebook page.  Generate a Twitter Profile.  (He didn’t say it, but Pros need to have a StockTwits profile.  StockTwits is the easiest place to distribute your message to all social networks.)
  • Their Partner is using social media.  Process.  Establish a strategy first.  Define your audience.  Find quality content/listening station, this enables you to have sharable content.  Use Google Alerts to find good information to share.  Good content must add value by: Enrich, Educate, Entertain, Engage
  • Be authentic and transparent.  Schedule your content sharing.  They found that early in morning and late afternoon were best time to post.  And Friday, Saturday and Sunday were the best days for Finance listeners.  Information flow needs to be constant. Encourage engagement.
  • Information change to static profile pages need to get compliance approval according to partner.

No doubt Financial professionals are looking to share, engage, and build business online in a compliant manor.  The market is heating up.  StockTwits is in the middle of this change, and delivers the easiest way to share across all social media networks and finance destinations.  While at the same time delivering the most relevant and real-time ideas to our distribution partners.


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