5 Must Read Investor Relations Articles and Blog Posts

One of the best things about being a part of StockTwits is how close I am to a constant flow of information.  Financial news and social media conversations that are published on the StockTwits stream faster, and amplified further on the web than just about any other place one could pick to publish their content.

Each week my Product and Design teams are getting closer and closer to our customers. Understanding how they are using our products, designing ways to make IROs more efficient, and helping them with analytics to help show a visible ROI.

Over the past several weeks we’ve read many great Investor Relations topics shared on StockTwits, Twitter, and across blogs as we continue to build our expertise in servicing IR professionals, their public relations counterparts, and the newly formed social media teams in their organizations.  Here are the Top 5 recent Investor Relations Articles that I think you should make sure you’ve read:

1. We Are Having a Conversation Without You (The Why of Social Media)

Chris Rudden of SteelRose Communications calls it BIG TIME in his blog post.  If anything else, the main take-away is the re-quote, “”Your customers are having a conversation without you” (Social CEOs Panel, Social Media Week Vancounver 2011).  Replace ‘customers’ with ‘Investors’, and you get the picture.”  Wow, how true is this!  All we see is investor conversation on StockTwits, and our partner sites see a growing volume of interest in this conversation as their engagement around investor conversations continues to grow.  He closes his post by saying there is so much more to do than just tell your story, and I completely agree. Firms such as Dell are taking it to the next level and getting involved.  Read more about Dell’s social media interactions with shareholders here.

2. Public Companies Rethink Investor Relations Practices for Social Media

Kevin Moore and John Lahtinen walk the middle of the line on using social media for investor relations.  Personally, I found the last 5 paragraphs reflective of the direction that I see the market continuing to move on a weekly basis via our internal statistics at StockTwits.  Engagement from companies is up double digits on our platform month-over -month by IR professionals.  The time spent is not coming from “monitoring”.  I believe we are past “monitoring” on social media.  The time spent is coming from publishing information.  This is the phase we are clearly on right now, and if you are not republishing via social media you are losing huge distribution and amplification of your message to your shareholders.   Also, as a tip for all you IROs out there, in response to the post, you can attach your disclosures to your social media messages.  Here is an example of a social media disclosure.

3. Press Releases Shared More on Facebook, but Twitter Drives 30% More Traffic.

This study conducted by PR Newswire and Crowd Factory found that Twitter drives more traffic to your PR content (and most likely IR if posted by PR) than Facebook.  Thinking about this probably didn’t surprise you at all.  Afterall, Facebook is for friends.  Twitter is for sharing some news.  Imagery in the article was found to help in awareness the article said.  Odds are this helped bumped the numbers on Facebook because of Facebook’s ability to surface the visual aspects of press content.  When I read the article I couldn’t help but think about the massive social reach StockTwits offers to PR when it comes to investor and company news.  How we send out to Yahoo! Finance, Reuters, Globe and Mail, Bloomberg, and others.  To read the complete article, click here.

4. The Value of Blogging to IR

“Rebecca Ford suggests a corporate blog need not be a slog.”  I like that. :-)   The standout in this story is something that I’ve heard many times in recent meetings with customers.  What is that?  “An IR blog can be very effective in improving how companies communicate with shareholders. It can help investors and analysts better understand a firm and its financial triggers while serving as a means to gather investor feedback.”

The twist that I hear is by using social media, a company can better drive traffic to their own blog to read the indepth message.  Why in the world would Walmart ($WMT) write on one single finance website called Seeking Alpha??  The correct course of action should be to write on your corporate blog, and use social media to drive the traffic to your home turf.  Post to your blog, use a service like StockTwits and your message will go to just about every major finance website, and the referals and readers come to you.  Or, second choice use Twitter!

5. New Shareholder Engagement Tools

After reading this PowerPoint from John Viglotti of PR Newswire, I just said, OMG. The slide that shows the decline in readership from First Call was stunning (Slide 15).  After 4 years at Yahoo! Finance, I can tell you that institutional investors are on Yahoo! Finance every day now.  If you think it’s just for retail investors then you are underestimating the 40M people that visit that enormous finance site each month.  40M people, all interested in finance and company information.  OMG.





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