Welcome to my stories.   Here you will read a few of the learnings that I have acquired as the competitive pace of the world has increased, demand for bigger results sooner, organizational roles are constantly changing, and new processes are constantly being written about.  All of this change and speed creates more pressure than ever on the product manager.

Amoung the product management tales, I’ve decided to toss in a mix of stories about life…because there is life outside of work — even in Silicon Valley.  You may start out your PM role at 25 with a girlfriend, and you just might love what you are doing, potentially love that person and eventually find yourself raising a family that you love.  Yes, there is a product management career to be had in all of this as well.  In fact, finding that life allows you to step back from your fast paced venture, and give that venture some perspective.

Let’s tell and read stories…

David Putnam (@david_putnam)
VP, Product Management, Fantex Holdings (
Author 5StepsAhead.com