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Don’t shoot the messenger – Exposing a challenge for Airbnb

ring bad news or feedback is not something any of us like to do.  It’s freaking uncomfortable.  If done incorrectly it creates conflict.  It requires preparation if you want to deliver with any true empathy.   Not to mention it … Continue reading

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How do retail investors invest? This is the process.

l of us circled around the water cooler a couple years ago at Yahoo! Finance talking about gold (of course), SanDisk (memory for your camera), and the latest biotech stock under $5 that just popped +17%! Of course, I was … Continue reading

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5 Must Read Investor Relations Articles and Blog Posts

the best things about being a part of StockTwits is how close I am to a constant flow of information.  Financial news and social media conversations that are published on the StockTwits stream faster, and amplified further on … Continue reading

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You’ve probably shipped a Product, but did she like it?

ou ever shipped a product?  Before you say “no”, I would probably say “yes”. Think about that music compilation cassette tape, CD, or playlist you made for a special someone, friend or party. Remember now?  Did he/she/they like it? … Continue reading

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Startups chasing startups – check these boxes first.

my mentors and colleagues, Bernd Meier and Nick Efthymiou, passed away a few years back. Aggressive cancer claimed both of them quickly, and I am sad they are not here today.  To sit beside them at the time, … Continue reading

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