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Attended an online informational today given by the Cambridge Investment Research team, and a partner.  Good overview of social media and impact on Financial Professionals.  What are the benefits?  How do you use it? Etc.


Here are my notes:

  • Social media reach: 140M Tweets Daily, 500M active Facebook members, over 100M users on LinkedIn (bummer, didn’t mention StockTwits at 60M potential reach in financial vertical alone).
  • Social Media Important to Financial Advisors – primary communication tool, connects you to your current and prospective clients. You may have website, blog, etc.. Social Media is yet another marketing tool.
  • Social media creates awareness, can help drive your book, helps you to recruit, and enhance relationships with your exiting client.
  • RIA’s who use Social media had higher growth rates in Q4 2009 survey.
  • 86% of advisers surveyed by American Century Investments are using a social networks in Continue reading
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Twitter and Facebook fads? Veriticalization will win.


I am nobody when it comes to having a broad social network reach, Klout score, etc.  I’ve got 200 +/-  Twitter Followers. Several hundred Facebook friends.  Some connections on LinkedIn.  I’m not whitty, and that sells on social.  I’m practical.  One of those Execs that knows how to execute. Get sh*t done.  The right sh*t.



When it comes to social networks I think there are more like me, than the whitty type.  So are Twitter and Facebook fads?  Maybe the companies (time will tell), but NOT the new mediums of communication these services have brought to light.  They are fast.  They are real-time.  You can reach 1, 20, 1000, 1M, 60M users.



What is happening is that building a reputation, audience, relevant contacts, book of business, sharing information with the right people (versus your “Friends” who don’t care) is becoming extremely difficult on this new medium.  These new mediums require far greater talent than bloggers who mastered SEO over the past 4-5 years.  Being somebody on one of these vast social networks, and carving out a following takes time.  Lots of time.  So start this year.  Heck, I would recommend starting tomorrow, because it is building a house brick by brick (Follower by Follower)!



What needs to happen is Continue reading
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Don’t repeat this mobile mistake. What traders want.

stocktwits iphone appDo you want financial information on your phone? While in line at Starbuck’s?  On the train? While waiting for a meeting to start?  In a meeting, waiting for it to get relevant to you?  Is price, portfolio and news enough if you do?

Over a year ago Yahoo! Finance released their first iPhone application.  It was YAHOO! FINANCE on an iPhone (yes the entire battleship). Before you go firing shots across the bow, it was at the early stage of the mobile wave. We were running as fast as we could with a scrapy team of developers (shout out to Carl Teeple and Melissa Kritikos).  Bloomberg had their application (why so much black I will never understand), and there were a few others at the time.

Apple was a nimble ship way out in front of all your favorite finance destinations.  They charted the path for all sites…build your mobile application for a specific use case that is dominant for you, our users.  Cut out everything else.  Keep it simple.  Make it Continue reading

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Change Ahead – and I am really excited about it!

Change.  Checking LinkedIn you’ll see I’ve embraced change through what is heading toward my 2nd complete decade in product management leadership.  Change is occurring yet again, as this Friday I will move from big company (Yahoo!) back to start-up — StockTwits.

Yahoo! Finance was an amazing experience, and the team will carry on, as all good teams do.  It will take significant disruption to topple this global financial Internet franchise, which I led and grew for the past five years — with the help of stellar Product, Engineering, and Editorial teams.

All this being said, games change quickly on the internet.  Who knows what Google Finance has in store? Even as incredibly small as their audience is today.  Where will LinkedIn take their version of a company profile?  How will things change as user/investor habits quickly move from a desktop to tablet?  As of this coming Friday April 1st, it will be up to the team at Y! to carry it forward without me.  Just as I did for the ancestors who walked there before me.

The early days of my Valley journey (long before Yahoo!, and back when we used to say, “I didn’t get your email.” — because we really Continue reading

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Welcome to 5StepsAhead.

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